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Assessment of Learning in the Workplace: A Background Paper

Karen Vaughan and Marie Cameron

This background paper is the first part of a three-stage project on Workplace Learning Assessment Structures. The overall purpose of the project is to explore the different models of workplace learning assessment used around the world and by Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) in New Zealand, and to consider the kinds of arrangements that are, and could be, used to support workplace assessors in their assessment role. ITO leadership in arranging and supporting training and assessment makes their structures and systems around assessment an important area because it impacts directly on the training and learning that can take place and can be measured.

The background paper is firstly designed as a standalone piece of research based on a very targeted review of the most relevant literature. It examines workplace assessment structures and systems in the context of understanding the roles and purposes of assessment and workplace learning. A second purpose of the paper is to inform the design and conduct of the next phase of the project—which involves a survey of key ITO staff, along with focus groups with ITO training managers, moderators and assessors. The final phase of the project will culminate in the writing, publishing and dissemination of a “good practice” guide. The guide will be designed to assist ITOs to make their workplace assessment structures more robust, effective and promoting of high-quality learning that fosters trainees’ and employers’ confidence in industry training.

New Zealand Council for Educational Research for the Industry Training Federation Research Network, 2009.
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ITO Workplace Assessment Structures
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Research report
New Zealand Council for Educational Research for the Industry Training Federation Research Network
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