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An evaluation of the CAS Pilot Project 2006-2007

Alex Neill and Teresa Maguire

In 2005, the MOE and the NZQA began a pilot programme to trial the use of the latest generation of calculators which included Computer Algebraic Systems (CAS) capabilities.  The intent was to give quality professional development to effectively use CAS in the classrooms and to eventually allow the calculators in CAS-enabled NCEA assessments in the same way that graphics calculators are currently used.

NZCER evaluated an extension of the pilot in 2006-2007.  The evaluation explored changes to:

  • Teaching and learning practices;
  • Student achievement; and
  • Student and teacher attitudes to the pilot, to technology, and to mathematics.

Download the full text of the An evaluation of the CAS Pilot Project 2006–2007 report [4.8 MB pdf]

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Alex Neill
Teresa Maguire