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ITO Assessment Structures and Systems: Survey and Focus Group Findings

Karen Vaughan and Marie Cameron

This is a report on findings from a survey of 33 Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) and five focus groups with 19 ITO representatives – the second phase of a three-phase project entitled ITO Workplace Assessment Structures and Systems.

The overall purpose of the project is to explore the different models of workplace assessment used around the world and by ITOs in New Zealand, and to consider the kinds of arrangements that are, and could be, used to support workplace assessors. We first produced a paper based on a targeted review of the most relevant literature on workplace assessment structures and systems in the context of understanding the roles and purposes of assessment and workplace learning (Vaughan & Cameron, 2009). That paper informed the design of the survey and focus groups. The findings from these activities will in turn inform the final phase—focus groups with ITOs and the production of a guide to assist ITOs to think about how they could make their workplace assessment structures more robust, more effective and promoting of high-quality learning.

This report has been prepared as part of the Industry Training Federation Research Network’s ITO Workplace Assessment Structures and Systems project, a project supported by the Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund.

Funded by Ako Aotearoa through the Industry Training Federation

ITO Workplace Assessment Structures
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Karen Vaughan