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Successful Workplace Learning: How Learning Happens at Work

Karen Vaughan, Paul O’Neil and Marie Cameron

This report analyses and discusses findings from a study of training programmes at six different workplaces, across four different industry sectors, around the country. Our research team visited each workplace, observed training sessions or training-related activities, and interviewed a range of people who were participating in the training, or leading and supporting the training programme and trainees. The research was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission and conducted by NZCER for the Industry Training Federation. Six ITOs were contract partners: Building and Construction ITO, Careerforce, Horticulture ITO, Retail Institute, Skills Active and Pharmacy ITO. Waikato University was contracted to deliver a literature review early in the development of this project, which helped shape its design. The subtitle of the project—how learning happens at work—underscores the focus on the conditions, strategies, and activities of workplace learning. The main title—successful workplace learning—underscores our focus on the kinds of conditions, strategies, and activities that make workplace learning successful in a range of ways including employee retention and motivation, qualification completion, employee participation in communities of practice, and workplace productivity.

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Learning at work
Successful Workplace Learning: How Learning Happens at Work
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Karen Vaughan
Paul O’Neil