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Trends in assessment: An overview of themes in the literature

Rosemary Hipkins and Marie Cameron
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This report outlines findings from a literature review of trends in assessment policy and practice, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Education (the Ministry).

The primary purpose of this report is to inform the Ministry as it considers updating its position on assessment, last articulated in the position paper titled Assessment (Schooling Sector) 2011 (Ministry of Education, 2011).

The authors use 'assessment capability' as a point of reference. The idea of an assessment system that supports growth in 'assessment capability' of everyone with a stake in using the information is the central recommendation of  Directions for Assessment in New Zealand (DANZ): Developing students’ assessment capabilities (Absolum, Flockton, Hattie, Hipkins, & Reid, 2009).

The authors spoke to the assessment special interest group (SIG) of the New Zealand Association of Researchers in September 2018, identifying five questions about assessment. Dr Rosemary Hipkins gave a presentation from the findings to the special interest group at the NZARE Conference in November 2018.

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Literature review
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