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Working with the PLD Priorities: Nine high impact practices

Rosemary Hipkins, Sue McDowall
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This report summarises a three-phase programme of work commissioned by Ministry of Education in 2019. At the time, the MOE had identified four PLD priority areas: cultural capability; assessment for learning; local curriculum design; and digital fluency. They commissioned NZCER to identify “high impact” practices that were seen as central to PLD provision to schools. 

Drawing on a range of research, we began by identifying specific aspects of teacher capability that would be needed to enact each of the named practices. We then searched our quantitative data bases (National Survey and Teaching and School Practices) to identify indications of aspects of practice where teachers would likely benefit from greater support.

In the third phase we combined the four initial analyses to arrive at a small set of high impact priority areas likely to be helpful across all four PLD priorities. This report presents the findings of that final stage. The report was initially submitted to MOE in 2020 and has subsequently been used by them with a range of PLD providers.    

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