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A pedagogy of listening

Kathryn Hawkes

This article explores findings from a study based on experiences of children, parents, and teachers in a changing early childhood education service. The theoretical framework of social constructionist theory underpinned the study. This theory values the multiplicity of meaning-making processes and the existence of many understandings rather than one pure truth. The article pays particular attention to the data gathering method of the study, which used the mosaic approach. The mosaic approach brings together a range of methods for listening that acknowledge both the adult and the child as co-constructors of meaning. This methodology raises the perspectives and views of the child, giving equitable value to their contribution. The findings from the study highlights the value of dialogue and listening deeply to multiple perspectives, and the time required to do so. An outcome of the study is to propose strategies that could assist in ensuring the child is heard within the early childhood education service and that the child is represented within all matters affecting them.

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