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David Ellis

The theme for this final issue of set for 2010 is “Teachers as learners”. Rhys Hill and Alison Sewell addresses the question: How can teachers change their engagement from traditional one-sided pedagogies to include a sociocultural approach? Their article describes one teacher’s journey as he engaged in collaborative action research.

Hornby High School invited a Teaching and Learning Research Initiative project to participate in their programme to establish “teachers as learners”, including holding a professional learning day that challenged teachers to reflect on their underlying assumptions about knowledge and learning. The activities from the day and some of the teachers’ responses are described by Vanessa Andreotti and Karen Wheeler.

In the third article on the theme of “Teachers as learners”, Douglas Ferry asks the question: What do student teachers learn from their students? The study described in this article sought to examine the teaching experiences of a group of student teachers through their eyes, with a focus on what they thought they had learnt from the students they taught.

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