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Editorial -- Set no. 1 2020 -- post 2020 Level 4

Josie Roberts

What an intense start to the school year. It has been breathtaking to witness the pace of education’s reponse to COVID-19. I have been especially struck by the caring, commitment, and professionalism demonstrated by teachers across Aotearoa.

Hats off to all teachers and whānau who have adopted and adapted to the new dance of learning. In my home two children began with empty dance cards, soon to be filled by their teachers, parents, friends on Zoom, and online options already in existence or quickly produced by educators and experts both locally and nationally. At a systems level, from government and schools, there has been strong messaging to keep a dual focus on wellbeing and equity at centre stage. Even so, not all students will have been able to fall into step with their peers because of issues related to connectivity or other circumstances. My hope is that Issue 1 will be helpful whether school gates are open or closed, especially for engaging students and whānau during and beyond the pandemic.

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