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Pasifika Transformers—more than meets the eye

Manu Faaea-Semeatu

The current schooling system finds it difficult to truly engage Pasifika learners and bring out their inner giftedness. While Pasifika giftedness is recognised by Pasifika parents, families, and communities, it is not overtly visible in schools. This article supports teachers and schools to explore the notion of Pasifika giftedness. Pasifika learners are gifted when aspects of their cultures are highlighted. It reports on research in which ten cultural identifiers for Pasifika giftedness were developed and later used to form the basis for what I call a culturally affirmative model—where the musical talents of Pasifika music students, along with their ethnic and cultural identities as gifted Pasifika students, are considered, identified, valued, and celebrated.

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