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The realisation of Pasifika success when schools de-silo Pacific students’ lives: “Pasifika mo Pasifika”

Trevor Bills, Ala’imalo Falefatu Enari, Parehuia Enari, Daniel Tupua-Siliva

Despite the Ministry of Education Statement of Intent 2021–2026 to focus on improving equity for Māori and Pacific learners and ensure education opportunities and outcomes are within reach for every learner, these groups remain a concern in the New Zealand education system. Inequity still exists for Māori and Pacific learners. This article explores one school’s journey towards a culturally sustaining pedagogy, the de-siloing of the lives of their Pasifika students, and a re-indigenisation of the curriculum to better reflect the preexisting ways of knowing of tangata moana in order to truly achieve equitable outcomes.

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