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Teacher inquiry in a Māori-medium modern learning environment

Ngaarewa Haawera and Leeana Herewini

There is limited research about the experiences of teachers (kaiako) teaching paangarau (mathematics) in a Maaori-medium modern learning environment (MLE). This article presents the views of three kaiako (teachers) as they collaborated with researchers and one another to explore an alternative approach to teaching and learning paangarau with 60 Years 4 to 6 children, while taking advantage of the affordances of their MLE. Key findings from this teacher inquiry project indicate that a deliberate change in pedagogical practice and tasks encouraged greater engagement by aakonga (learners) in paangarau sessions. The main challenge that arose for kaiako in this study was that of working with mixed-ability groups. This article shows that teacher inquiry into their practice can be a positive experience for kaiako and learners grappling with the complexities of teaching and learning paangarau in a Maaori-medium MLE.

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