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Author(s): Dr Katherine Rowe, Patricia Fitzgerald, Rhonda Higgins, Gwenneth Anderson, Mary McLaughlin, Tessa Brewin

Assisting children back into school after a long illness needs patience and care on both sides. Here are many practical measures to avoid stress and speed the return to ordinary life and ordinary...

Author(s): Andrew McPherson

‘League Tables’ of schools’ exam results often appear in the press. These do not show how good schools are at adding value - improving their pupils’ earlier knowledge. This British article assists...

Author(s): John Stevenson and Charlie McKavanagh

Even TAFE and Polytech classes are dominated by information- giving by ever-talking teachers. This research discovered that higher levels of thinking are encouraged and used in practical classes...

Author(s): Robert Peard

In schools we do not study the social effects of gambling. We do not even study the mathematics of gambling. Perhaps we could help our pupils if we did. A research project on both topics.

Author(s): Evelyn Bransgrove and Athena Jesson

Many teachers are having to join the ranks of the relief, supply, mobile, or emergency teachers. Questions to emergency teachers reveal their problems and show how schools can assist them in their...

Author(s): Cheryl Constable

The school asked two 13-year-olds, expert in a computer programme, to teach the skills to two 16-year-olds. The researcher watched and asked questions. The result is a lively story and good advice...

Author(s): William G. Perry, Jr.

A famous discussion of the issues raised when a student at Harvard received an A for an examination he did, for fun, in a subject he had never studied.

Author(s): James Christensen

Video-taping and interviews revealed a big gap between what is said to be taught and what is actually taught. The children are aware of the ‘hidden curriculum’, and that is no bad thing.

Author(s): Derek Holton

There is a lot to be learnt about how to teach a subject from what practitioners do every day. An insight into what delights mathematicians and what could delight our pupils.

Author(s): Peter Dwyer

Most young adults at school are satisfied with their schooling, their homes and friends. But fear of not finding a job is universal and debilitating. This survey should be absorbed by all...

Author(s): Michele Anstey

Since teachers talk a great deal, careful analysis of what teachers say is revealing. The talk of two teachers dealing with the same topic, is described here. More variety, suiting the words to...

Author(s): Robert Tauber

There is bad power and good power, power that you resent and power you respect. The power a teacher can wield is examined and ways to create power that flows from admiration and regard are...

Author(s): Barry Cocklin

A case study of adults back at ordinary schools shows how successful it can be. The small adaptations the school can make to enhance that success are noted.

Author(s): Graham Bradley and Jacqualyn Stock

A co-educational state high school in Queensland developed a way of identifying and helping children-at-risk. This case study results in helpful advice.