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An analysis of participant blogs supplemented by teacher interviews

Rachel Bolstad and Jo MacDonald

This project looked at the impact of the Digital and Collaborative Learning programme on teachers’ reflective practice in the classroom. 

The Mind Lab by Unitec is a collaboration between Unitec Institute of Technology and The Mind Lab. It provides primary and secondary teachers with the opportunity to learn how to integrate technology and new teaching practices into their classrooms, and delivers the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning). The Mind Lab by Unitec wanted to understand whether and how these outcomes were being achieved. Our approach concentrated on understanding the experiences of teachers doing the postgraduate certificate in 2015 (March to November) in three centres: Wellington, Auckland and Gisborne. We used two sources of data: online blogs written during the year as part of the course, and interviews with teachers. 

Project funded by the NEXT Foundation was undertaken by the NZCER on behalf of The Mind Lab by Unitec .

The report can be accessed for free from The Mind Lab's website here.

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Research report
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