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The changing face of Fruit in Schools: 2009 overview report

Sally Boyd, Rachel Dingle, Edith Hodgen, Julian King, and Michelle Moss

This final overview report summarises the main findings from Healthy Futures. Healthy Futures is the evaluation of the Ministry of Health’s Fruit in Schools (FiS) initiative. This evaluation was conducted by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research and Health Outcomes International.

In addition to this overview report, a separate document (Boyd & Moss, 2009), summarises the findings from the 2008 case studies, and presents the stories of six FiS schools. A technical report (Dingle et al., 2009), provides more details about the survey analysis and data.

NZCER and Ministry of Health, 2009

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Research report
NZCER and Health Outcomes International for the Ministry of Health
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Edith Hodgen
Julian King
Michelle Moss
Rachel Felgate