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Learning to be a new school: Building a curriculum for new times

Learning to be a new school: Building a curriculum for new times
Rosemary Hipkins

Literature that discusses transformative change in schools typically draws on experiences of renewal and change in existing schools. This report explores the shaping of a new school with the intent, established at the very outset, of offering a curriculum for the 21st century. The report discusses four key aspects of curriculum innovation at this school, outlining the intent of each and then discussing issues and challenges encountered in bring each aspect to fruition as the school got under way.

In its third year of operation when this report was compiled, this senior high school has dared to be different, in the process riding a rollercoaster of hopes and dreams, expectations met and occasionally dashed, careful planning, ongoing troubleshooting and collaborative professional learning. Through the lens of complexity theory, the report discusses the learning and problemsolving processes the school has set in place, describing how they have acted as a key enabler of the school’s success in addressing challenges it has encountered to date.

The perspectives of all members of the school community are included in the report: senior leaders, teachers, students, parents and some members of the school’s board of trustees.

This report was funded by NZCER's Purchase Agreement with the Ministry of Education

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