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Quality in parent/whänau-led services: Summary Report

The main purpose of this research was to find out more about the contributions parent and whānau-led early childhood education (ECE) services are making to children's learning, parent knowledge/skills and social support, and community, in order to provide the Ministry of Education and parent/whānau-led services with information that could be used to support quality in these services.  For the purposes of this research parent/whānau led services were playcentres, kōhanga reo, Pasifika early childhood centres and groups, general playgroups, community language playgroups and puna.

This research involved looking at quality for children and parents involved in parent-led services.  The study included 28 services, 8 playcentres, 8 playgroups, 6 kōhanga reo and 6 Pasifika services.

The Summary Report  provides an overview of the research findings and an example description of each service type and how it operates.

Download the full text of the Quality in parent/whānau-led services: Summary report [Word document, 476 KB]

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Arapera Royal Tangaere
Diane Mara
Linda Mitchell