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Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Publication type: Occasional paper

Useful checklist for parents.

What Makes a Good School?

There's no single recipe for a good school. Research overseas identifies these major ingredients:

« A clear focus on learning and achievement.

All learning time is used for learning. Classrooms are calm, and students are attentive.

Lessons start on time, and there are no interruptions.

« High expectations of every student to achieve.

7 June 2011
Competent children at 8: Families, early education, and schools
Author(s): Cathy Wylie, Jean Thompson and Cathy Lythe
Publication type: Research report

This is the third project report. It describes the competencies of 523 children at age 8, in the context of their schools and homes. It compares the data for age 8 with the data gathered when the children were 5 and 6.

What makes the most difference to competency levels?

1 June 2011
Out-of-school care: A review of quality provision
Publication type: Literature review

In New Zealand and in the United Kingdom there is a growing need for school-age childcare. New Zealand has made considerable progress in the provision of OSCAR (Out-of-School care and recreation) in recent years. However, there are still some challenges. The international and comparative research and information outlined in this review shows which areas still need attention. Among these are staff training and qualifications.

17 June 2011
Author(s): Bev Webber (Ed.)
Publication type: Conference proceedings

This is a collection of papers from the NZCER conference on Effective School Self-Management, held in Wellington, New Zealand in October 1998.

14 June 2011
Six years old and competent
Author(s): Cathy Wylie with Anne Else
Publication type: Book

A summary of the main report Competent Children At 6: Families, Early Education, and Schools. This part of the Competent Children study revisits the original group of 300 children, aged 6, after they have been at school for a year. How have the children's competencies changed? This book describes and analyses variations and changes in children's cognitive, social, communicative, and problem-solving competencies. It also examines the impact that children's early childhood education experiences, family resources, home activities, and school resources have on these competencies.

13 June 2011
Publication type: Journal article

This article analyses school funding trends in New Zealand since the 1989 decentralisation of education administration to school level. It looks at the extent to which school funding became based on formulae linked to student numbers and characteristics. It concludes that by 1998, New Zealand could be seen as having a quasi-voucher system.

The full journal article is published in:
New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 34 (1), 1998. p. 99-109

10 June 2011
Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Publication type: Journal article

This article gives a brief summary of the main findings of the literature review, Can vouchers deliver better education?. It covers competition between schools, consumer choice, student achievement, and cost.

The full journal article is published in:
Institute of Policy Studies Policy Newsletter, n.55, 1998. p. 13-15

10 June 2011
Author(s): Anna Chalmers
Publication type: Research report

A second survey of AUS members where NZCER monitored the current situation by obtaining an up-to-date picture and comparing the results with those of the 1994 survey.

The AUS is the Association of University Staff of New Zealand.

9 June 2011
Can vouchers deliver better education? A review of the literature, with special reference to New Zealand
Author(s): Cathy Wylie
Publication type: Literature review

This literature review examines the findings of international and New Zealand research on education systems which use the main elements of the voucher approach to education: parental choice, per-student funding formulae, and self-managing schools.

8 June 2011
Author(s): Diane L Mara
Publication type: Research report

This study outlines information from the range of agencies and organisations that work together to establish and support the licensing and chartering of Pacific Islands early childhood centres.

An analysis of interviews carried out with key informants from licensed and unchartered centres identifies the barriers and challenges to licensing, useful supports and services, the differences between being licensed and unlicensed, and present and future needs.

Participants' views on quality, choice, and access are noted.

7 June 2011