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Research publications from our research teams.

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Author(s): Josie Roberts and Rachel Bolstad
Publication type: Research report

This exploratory study was carried out for the Enviroschools Foundation. It aims to represent some of the important ideas, processes, points of view and outcomes that we noticed as researcher-participants in ReGeneration ’09, a four-day hui held in February 2009.

7 June 2009
Author(s): Wylie, C.
Publication type: Journal article

A journal article in the New Zealand Annual Review of Education.


In 1989 the Tomorrow’s Schools reforms brought in self-managing schools as the unit for educational administration. The government’s stated aims included a mix of outcomes and processes, which were to: improve educational opportunities, meet Māori needs more effectively, give local knowledge real responsibility, and encourage flexibility and responsiveness. The system was to be more efficient, and provide greater accountability.

2 March 2009
Publication type: Working paper

9 November 2008
Author(s): Diane Mara and Feaua'i Burgess
Publication type: Research report

This is a report on a one-year action research project aimed at encouraging and strengthening children's Samoan language and literacy learning within an a'oga amata. 

It reports on:

  •  the beliefs teachers held about language acquisition and early literacy
  • the action research process
  • the changes that occured in the teachers' pedagogical practice

The main approaches to making pedagogical change to strengthen laguage and literacy learning were:

2 June 2007
Publication type: Paper

This paper explores some of the theory underpinning the Key Competencies and what this tells us about possible ways of measuring progress in, and assessing, the Key Competencies.

Download paper: Documenting learning of the key competencies: What are the issues? A discussion paper.

24 June 2005
Publication type: Research report

The Curriculum Innovation Projects (CIPs) contract offered four schools and a school cluster two years of additional Ministry of Education funding, over 2003–2004, to assist them to find new ways to provide authentic learning contexts and support students to develop lifelong learning behaviours.

Three key areas were addressed in the evaluation:

7 June 2005
Author(s): Stephanie Doyle
Publication type: Research report

The problem of transfer of learning has been an enduring one.  

On transfer explores the learning and transfer experiences of learners enrolled in a Bachelor of Business degree with a distance education institution.  Such a degree is designed for practical application, and those who enrol in the degree expect to be able to use or transfer what they learn to new and different contexts. 

Learning to transfer has two aspects in this context: the motivation for learning; and the process of learning for transfer.

2 June 2004
Author(s): Diane L Mara
Publication type: Research report

This research was designed to provide evaluative data to the Ministry of Education on models which would enhance further programmes for developing liaison between schools and Pacific Islands parents.

7 June 1998