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Early Childhood Folio 7 (2003)


Author(s): Robyn Baker
Author(s): Helen Hedges
Research on teachers’ knowledge in science indicates that those confident in their subject knowledge can provide rich experiences in an integrated learning environment to support children’s exploration and inquiry. A learning story illustrates how children’s content-related dispositions towards...
Author(s): Sally Peters
With a focus on dispositions and affordances, Sally Peters considers some of the dominant theoretical ideas about transition, including maturational readiness, “filling the gaps”, scaffolding the process, and looking at the big picture.
Author(s): Sue Dockett and Sarah Simpson
Beginning formal schooling is a time of change and challenge for children, families, and educators. This article focuses on one approach by the Starting School Research Project to engage first-year students as co-researchers in a study of what they think students new to school should know.
Author(s): Stuart J. McLaren and Philip. J. Dickinson
There are some serious concerns about the effects of noise in education and about the ability of children to learn effectively in typical learning environments. This article examines some of the issues.
Author(s): Linda Mitchell
This article explores ways in which a forum and process were created for teachers to think about assumptions, values, and the purpose of education; explore reciprocal influences of teachers’ and children’s interactions; and deepen opportunities for parents and children to contribute to the...
Author(s): Caroline Sharp
In Europe and the UK there is lively debate about when children should start school and what kinds of curriculum and pedagogical approaches are most effective in the early years. Caroline Sharp of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) considers some of the most recent research...
Author(s): Christine Stephen and Lydia Plowman
There is a widespread expectation that acquiring ICT skills and experiences during childhood will be critical for later success in the workplace. The writers examine some of the issues and evidence from the literature.