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Hou are our Skools Teaching Speling?

Cedric Croft

In the last few years there have been signs of a new interest, both in New Zealand and overseas, in the teaching of spelling. This is evident in the amount of space American and English journals have lately devoted to the subject, and in the appearance, last year, of a new Department of Education handbook on the teaching of spelling. As well, there is the work of two New Zealand researchers, John Nicholson and Peter Freyberg, who have demonstrated, in recent and separate investigations, that changes have taken place in the achievements of some New Zealand children. In order to assist the discussions and debates taking place about teaching methods and standards of attainment, Mr Cedric Croft undertook, during 1975, to gather information about the following aspects of spelling in New Zealand primary and intermediate schools:
1. How is spelling being taught?
2. What factors have helped determine these current teaching practices?
3. How is the NZCER Alphabetical Spelling List being used?
4. What are the pupils' spelling achievements in terms of mastery of frequency levels?
5. How are spelling attainments being evaluated?

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