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“I can’t wait to get to maths”: Ako in mathematics teaching and learning

Karyn Saunders, Robin Averill, and Hiria McRae

This article presents findings from a study focusing on ako in mathematics teaching in one English-medium secondary school classroom. The participants were a Year 9 class (22 ākonga with varying ethnicities and mathematics achievement levels) and their non-Māori kaiako, the researcher. Data were generated through surveys, discussions between ākonga and their kaiako, and reflective notes. Results indicated that drawing on literature and empowering student voice in the shaping of how ako was enacted helped to increase motivation and achievement in mathematics learning. Classroom management also improved as relationships with ākonga and whānau, grounded in ākonga worlds, developed. This article provides examples of how other kaiako can richly reflect ako in their own classrooms.

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