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Reconsidering home learning in the digital learning environment: The perspectives of parents, students, and teachers

Rebecca Jesson, Maria Meredith, and Naomi Rosedale

This article considers home learning for students whose schools have moved to digital learning environments. In this study we sought to gather perspectives about what sorts of home-learning activities might support school learning given that students have individual digital devices and access to the internet and class websites. Interviews with parents, students, and teachers at decile 1 schools focused on the learning activities that students might engage in at home as well as the role of parents to support their children’s learning. Findings indicated differing perspectives on the relative merit of formal and informal learning activities and whether these should be set by the teacher or taken up by students independently. The role of parents to support learning was agreed on by all participants, however, less clear was what form that support should take. The potential for unintended constraints to learning through mismatches in understandings is discussed.

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