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Rongohia te Hau: Better understanding the theories underpinning cultural relationships for responsive pedagogy

Mere Berryman, Margaret Egan, Jay Haydon-Howard, and Robbie Lamont

Different terms are used to describe pedagogy that moves away from the transmission of content and moves towards teaching and learning that builds from the learner’s own experiences in a more responsive and interactive manner. We understand this as developing “cultural relationships for responsive pedagogy”. Rongohia te Hau processes were developed to understand how effectively culturally responsive pedagogy was being introduced or maintained in early childhood settings or schools. The Rongohia te Hau processes of walkthrough observations and surveys ask teachers, students, and whānau critical questions about their learning experiences. This article discusses these processes and provides examples of the data produced to help understand how the pedagogy is being understood across the setting to inform strategic direction.

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