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Teach Learning Strategies

Helga Rowe

Learning only testable facts will not be enough for survival. Learning fact-finding skills will not be enough. Independent thinking, being able to make good decisions, having clear values and a store of useful knowledge are needed.
So teachers want to help students develop effective methods for handling the overwhelming flow of information surrounding them. This means adapting your thinking in a flexible manner. Adapting and regulating your cognitive processes is the key to independent and life-long learning.
Independent learning does not consist simply of having available a collection of strategies. You must be convinced that the strategies are important, effective, efficient, worth some extra effort, and will bring success; these convictions motivate you to use the strategies without prompting or help. And confidence in your own abilities, independence in your cognitive processing come with success. Learn the strategies, be motivated to use them, get success from using them, this is the aim.

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