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Author(s): Colin Cowie

PAT : Mathematics

What can be done with the results?

Author(s): John Church

Is it possible to teach and do research at the same time? The work of a number of Christ church teachers strongly suggests that it is. In this report, John Church, Lecturer in Education at the...

Author(s): NZCER

Non Standard English and Comprehension / Writing Skills Improved by English Grammar Instruction? / Language Through TV / Learn to Read - When? / Foreign Language in Primary School

Author(s): Colin Cowie

'If we ignore or hold constant differences of personal endowment and life history it is the interaction of homes and schools that is the key to educability.'
Floud 1956


Author(s): N.V. Scarfe

Teachers cannot continue to be efficient in the classroom unless parents -and society -take a much firmer hand in training children in morals, ethics and good manners.

Author(s): Elizabeth Rolfe

Emphasis on the spoken word in our English programmes has strengthened considerably over the last decade. The National English Syllabus Committee reflects the change by recommending that more...

Author(s): Geraldine McDonald

What was it like to be in kindergarten in the early days? Over many years NZCER has been interested in recording the atmosphere and style of our educational institutions in former times. For this...