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Author(s): Peter Freyberg

A look at some factors in the selection and training of primary teachers, with some suggestions for a radical change in approach.

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Author(s): Keith Pickens

It is a cliche to talk about 'the information explosion' but it is a fact, nonetheless, that in the last 30 years or so new knowledge has been accumulating at a faster and faster rate. It took...

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One of the most interesting and remarkable developments in education during the 1960s and 70s was the growth of the teachers' centre movement. A British invention, it almost immediately...

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Author(s): Isa Moynihan

In Christchurch the number of Pacific Island children is small, they live in every area of the city, from 'working class industrial' to 'middle-class suburban', and most are New Zealand-born...

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Author(s): Judy Whitcombe

Women are under-represented in senior positions in both the primary and the secondary teaching services. But why? Judy Whitcombe has been conducting a research project in the Department of...

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Author(s): Barbara Maughan and Janet Ouston

How much of a child's development is influenced by the school he attends? Barbara Maughan and Janet Ouston- two of the research workers involved in the publication of the widely acclaimed...

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Author(s): Cedric Croft

An understanding of validity, reliability and usability are a must for all test users. The validity of a test is an indication of how well it measures what the author claims it will measure; its...

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Author(s): Set

A test evaluation sheet for teachers.

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Author(s): Graham Ward

Despite the considerable differences in the rates at which students learn, almost all pupils can satisfactorily understand and be proficient in school subjects.

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Author(s): David Battersby

These are comments from the noted Sociologist, Willard Waller, in 1932. After 50 years and nearly 500 research papers there  seems to have been little change. Indeed, in recent literature one...

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Author(s): Ken Ryba and Bryan Christiansen

Until very recently, computer assisted instruction was a sophisticated area of research that involved very large computer systems. Often the computer was centrally based at a university or...

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Author(s): Neil Reid

It is the right of every child to be educated according to his age, ability and aptitude: all pupils should be given the opportunity to develop their full potential. These principles have long...

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