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Author(s): Stephen Crump

A close look at the links between school, parents, and community in eight schools in suburban Sydney questions the nature and effectiveness of the home/school partnership.

Author(s): Kevin Harris

Schools on both sides of the Tasman are being wooed by the corporate world. Is the invasion reshaping the nature of schooling?

Author(s): Kath Henderson

When a school acknowledges its cross-cultural differences and reaches out to all parents, the students can achieve better academically. This success story comes with the warning that improved home...

Author(s): Derek Wenmoth

Today's learners do not need to be confined to the traditional classroom setting, thanks to new interactive telecommunications technologies. The implications of being in the "Information Age" are...

Author(s): Graham Wagner

For teachers and schools not yet connected to the Internet, here are some signposts to guide you along the information superhighway.

Author(s): Julie Arthur

Is the traditional folklore that parents and teachers are on different sides of the fence still valid? Is there a case for "them" and "us"?

Author(s): Patricia Berwick and Ian Grieve

Knowing there are communication problems within a school doesn't automatically improve the situation. One primary school experimented with a "communication audit" - a tool used in the business...

Author(s): Sheila Wolfendale

Parental perspectives on their children's progress can be invaluable to the assessment process, as shown by two British examples – ALL ABOUT ME and Guidelines for Writing a Parental Profile.

Author(s): Stephen B. Johnson

This study of decision-making strategies used by students in their last year at high school opens the discussion on the effectiveness of the transition from school to the work place or higher...

Author(s): Phil Hodkinson

In order to be able to offer good advice, career guidance counsellors need to be aware of how young people make career decisions.

Author(s): Maureen Ryan

Exploring children's perceptions of families as part of a classroom activity can be a valuable way of broadening and challenging their pictures of families.

Author(s): Roland Meighan

If home-based education is effective, can schools be "de-schooled" by allowing the "invitational school" to replace the "custodial school".

Author(s): Keith Holland

There are at least five children in every class with visually related learning difficulties. A specialist optometrist sheds light on the possible causes of such problems, how to recognise their...

Author(s): Denise Direen

A study of New Zealand teachers with library responsibility in schools looks at whether or not teachers have the time, skills and available product to select books which best meet the needs of...