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Author(s): Denise Kirkpatrick

An Australian study of the reasons given by students for their academic success and failure.

Author(s): Maureen Rutledge

Despite New Zealand students performing well in reading and literacy there is some concern that boys, particularly nine-year-olds, are not performing as well as could be expected.

Author(s): Kath Truran

Based on research into the thinking processes of young children, here are suggestions for teaching the subject of random generators, such as coins, dice, and spinners.

Author(s): Jan Lokan

Australian schools and teachers have been experiencing a tremendous "climate of change" over the past few years. This survey looked at how much teachers knew about the "key" competencies approach...

Author(s): Alma Harris, Ian Jamieson, and Jen Russ

Research into why six subject departments that appeared to be adding significantly more to pupil's achievements than might be expected from their intake found they share a number of things in...

Author(s): Margery Renwick and Alison Gray

Schools have adopted different strategies in their attempts to cope with all the recent curriculum changes, and teachers have different views on the new curriculum documents—but how new is new?

Author(s): Diane Paul

Although left-handed children are allowed to use their dominant hands by teachers and parents nowadays, very little in terms of guidance is available. Here are some practical suggestions for...

Author(s): Don Jordan

Students' attitudes to computers are shown to change after having access to one computer per two students in the class. However, the benefits of unlimited access can be limited by inadequate...

Author(s): Jeffrey Dorman

Not everyone sees a classroom in the same light, as shown in this study of over 2,000 secondary students and their teachers. The questionnaire used is easy to administer and provides important...

Author(s): Malcolm Glenny, Dorothea Lewis, and Carol White

School management systems can evolve and change. This is the story of how two principals came to share the power and responsibilities of the top job at Selwyn College, Auckland.

Author(s): Wendy Titman

School grounds have considerable influence on children's attitudes and behaviour—not only in terms of the grounds themselves, but also in relation to the school as a whole.

Author(s): Tania Aspland, Bob Elliott, and Ian Macpherson

The proposal that professional development can empower teachers as curriculum leaders and thus enable them to transform curriculum practice is based on the authors' experiences at Australian...

Author(s): Jacky Burgon and G. Brian Thompson

Social competencies have been highlighted in New Zealand's new curriculum documents, but what criteria do teachers of five-year-olds use when they think about social behaviours?

Author(s): Marion de Lemos and Judith Wright

A comparison of the ages and year levels of students in different school systems.