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Author(s): Gillian Tasker

The principal health education writer of the Draft Health and Physical Education Curriculum shares the theoretical background that underpins the document, and explains the process involved in...

Author(s): Susan F. Graham

A discussion of four major issues confronting health education teachers and their tertiary lecturers: role, education, assessment, and networking.

Author(s): Kim J. Elliott, Robyn M. Dixon, and Vivienne A. Adair

Over 800 adolescents were asked their opinions of school-based sexuality education. Although this controversial topic will affect all young students in some way or other, their voices are not...

Author(s): Teresa B. Carlson

A study that challenges teachers to consider the educational basis of physical education.

Author(s): Anthony Pettit

Changes to the school athletic carnival that allow all children (not just the athletically able) to gain physical, social, and emotional skills that provide positive self-esteem, and encourage...

Author(s): Ann McCormack

A study of the classroom management problems and strategies used by both pre-service and experienced teachers of physical education, which provides guidelines for establishing a learning...

Author(s): Cedric Croft

The ARBs are computerised assessment resources that harness the power of information technology within a school context and give users the capacity to match assessment and teaching.

Author(s): Claire M. Fletcher-Flinn and Thomas Suddendorf

Gender attitudes about technology are formed early, according to the results of this study, therefore affirmative action programmes need to include the very young.

Author(s): Sally Boyd, with Alison Kelliher, Jenny Scott, Diane Pech

Schools thinking of setting up information technology initiatives can learn from the experiences of Palmerston North Girls' High School.

Author(s): Alan McLean

Findings from a British anti-bullying programme which show the importance of approaching bullying as a set of relationships and the need to harness young people's natural development of empathy to...

Author(s): Richard Isenberg

An American programme, based on the trial of manhood concept, that empowers sixth-graders educationally and gives them opportunities for growth.

Author(s): Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis

It is not always clear how the educational system can best alleviate the feelings of stress and pressure on young people, especially in their final year. Here the students have their say.

Author(s): Carol Cardno

The most challenging problems for school leaders are that those which recur and display the characteristics of a leadership dilemma: with tension between a concern for organisational goals and a...

Author(s): Gavin Brown

There is a growing number of students born in the various countries in Asia enrolling in New Zealand schools. These students include recent permanent residents as well as fee paying, exchange, and...