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Author(s): Josie Roberts
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Author(s): Susan J. Ng, Mary F. Hill, and Catherine Rawlinson

Twice-exceptional (gifted with associated learning difficulties) students face complex learning challenges because of their varying combinations of high ability alongside domains of learning...

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Author(s): Jo Knox

This article considers the place of proof, as a mathematical process, in the primary classroom. It describes the struggle the author, a primary school educator, went through with defining what...

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Author(s): Karyn White and Rosemary Hipkins

In July 2015 Alfriston College—a Year 9–13 secondary school—was successful in winning funding from the Teacher Led Innovation Fund. Karyn White led the school’s inquiry and Rosemary Hipkins...

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Author(s): Samantha Sasse and Bronwyn Wood

Developing activities which are effective in assessing what counts in social studies and showing progress is challenging for social-studies teachers. In this article, we explore the three...

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Author(s): Sasha Matthewman with John Morgan, Molly Mullen, Rawiri Hindle, and Michelle Johansson

In Aotearoa New Zealand we need an informed educational response to the environmental crisis within and across all learning areas in the curriculum. One way of organising that response is through...

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Author(s): Rawiri Hindle and Sasha Matthewman

An important aim of the Tuhia ki Te Ao—Write to the Natural World project is to investigate ways in which the cultural and ecological perspectives of Māori can be recognised and developed within...

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Author(s): Molly Mullen and Michelle Johansson

Tuhia ki Te Ao—Write to the Natural World is a Teaching and Learning Research Initiative-funded research project that considers what it might mean to read and write about/to/for the natural world...

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Author(s): John Morgan and Maria Iki

This article describes and discusses a unit of work taught by Maria Iki, a Social Sciences teacher at James Cook High School in South Auckland. The unit was taught as part of the TLRI project...

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Author(s): Sasha Matthewman with Newton Rewi and Rosamund Britton

In a time of environmental crisis we need a language to speak for nature. In our TLRI project Tuhia ki Te Ao—Write to the Natural World, we have been working with teachers to develop “3D literacy...

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