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Why do I need to register?

It is a requirement of both international test publishers and NZCER that test users be registered.

NZCER will only supply psychological tests to those individuals who are registered with us, and have the necessary qualifications and experience to use and interpret these tests in an accurate and professional manner.

Once registered, individuals will be given a registration level and tests may only be purchased to the appropriate level of registration or certification.

Professional obligations of test purchase and use

NZCER supplies tests only to an appropriately qualified person on the understanding that:

  • Every precaution should be taken to ensure the confidentiality of tests and test scores.
  • Access to test materials must be limited to qualified persons with a responsible, professional interest who agree to safeguard their use.
  • Test users are asked to report the unauthorised use of tests and urged to protect the value of tests by keeping all components securely stored so they will not become available to unauthorised persons.
  • NZCER’s interpretation of the Privacy Act 1993 is that candidates are entitled to know, if they so request, all scores relating to their personal test performances. Our strong recommendation is that the release of test scores should be accompanied by sufficient interpretive detail to enable the client to understand the scores provided.

Registered Test Users are expected to purchase and use tests according to the following guidelines:

                — The use of Psychometric Tests, prepared by the New Zealand Psychologists board -

                — The Code of Ethics for Psychologists Working in Aotearoa/New Zealand, prepared by the Code of Ethics Review Group -

                — The Treaty of Waitangi, Tiriti o Waitangi -

Terms and conditions


NZCER Psychological Test Services (PTS) can provide general advice on the assessments we distribute but we do not provide clinical advice either verbally or via email, nor should content of our website be considered clinical advice.

It is the responsibility of test users to research and know their area of practice as well as ensuring they have the knowledge and training needed to administer and interpret the specific assessments they purchase.


PTS is committed to accurate, professional and ethical assessment of individuals, and uses their registration process to help ensure assessments are only supplied to appropriately qualified test users.

PTS requires verification of qualifications prior to purchase. We reserve the right to amend and update our qualification requirements for registration to reflect current best practice and publisher requirements without prior written notice.

Advice provided to individuals, seeking registration, about further training is provided in good faith. PTS does not guarantee registration as a result of completing any training course and applicants need to consider this before undertaking any training. Our registration process is used for internal purposes only.

Test Use

It is the responsibility of test users to use any products purchased in accordance with NZCER’s Professional Obligations of Test Users. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your registration.

Products are intended to be used as tools in the overall assessment process and are not intended to be used alone or to replace the test user’s professional judgement.


There is a minimum charge amount of $10 on any sale.

Goods must be returned for credit within 30 days to our physical address and in original condition.

NZCER reserves the right to amend pricing at any time without prior written notice. The most up-to-date prices will be listed on NZCER’s website.

Products distributed by PTS are protected by copyright and trademark. Printing or reproducing copyright-protected materials or content, including reproduction of test items, scales, scoring mechanisms, manuals, or other content, is strictly prohibited.

Test Library

Test manuals are available to borrow from the PTS Test Library. Test manuals are supplied for perusal only and are subject to all provisions of copyright.

We provide these materials free of charge on the understanding that you wish to evaluate the materials to assess their suitability prior to purchase, and that they will not be administered on a personal or professional basis of any kind.

The Test Library loan period is for three weeks only. If manuals are not returned within three weeks NZCER reserves the right to charge the borrower the full cost of replacement.


NZCER stores copies of any information and/or documents sent to us as part of the registration process for archival purposes. We also retain personal purchasing and financial information for internal reporting. This data is only to be used by NZCER staff, and will never be shared with any third-party without prior permission.

Modification of terms and conditions

We reserve the right to modify, amend, alter or update these terms and conditions at any time. We encourage you to view this page periodically to review our most current Terms and conditions.


Print a copy of the professional obligations and terms and conditions.

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