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Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

About Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

The Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs) are developed by NZCER under contract to the Ministry of Education. They consist of over 2,800 curriculum-based assessment resources in English, Mathematics, and Science at Levels 1-5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. 

They can be used to provide evidence for overall teacher judgement and consist of: tasks for students to complete; a teacher information page (using this resource); marking students responses and working with students; and in some cases have examples of students' work.

Some resources can also be completed online and pdf results emailed or downloaded. There are also a number of articles and conceptual maps that support classroom teaching and learning and formative assessment.  Download the ARBs information brochure.

How to register

Visit the Assessment Resource Banks Registration.

Follow ARBs and other Assessment news and updates on Twitter at @NZCERassessment.


Online interactive assessment resources

Of the 2,800 assessment resources about 1,400 are online-interactive. This means that students can drag and drop, highlight, select from given options, or simply click and type to provide their answer. Some of the online interactive resources also have auto-marking which means that the entire resource is marked by the ARB website.

Sharing assessment resources

Students can share their work by downloading or emailing their results once they have completed a resource. Teachers can access students' results from their teacher account.

Saving and liking resources

You can save collections of your favourite resources for future reference. You can also like resources by clicking the heart next to the title of the resource.

Teacher accounts

Assessment Resources are accessed via individual teacher accounts. This means that your collections are personalised for you.

For more information and contact

For information on publications please visit About the ARBs, or for further information about ARBs please email