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Engaging Young People/Young Adults in Literacy, Language and Numeracy Skill Development

Jenny Whatman, with Sandie Schagen, Karen Vaughan, Josie Lander, Juliet Twist, Keren Brooking, Sally Robertson and Lorraine Spiller

The Department of Labour (the Department) is responsible for a cross-government programme of research and evaluation on workforce literacy, language and numeracy skills. Its purpose is to build the evidence base to inform practice and policy development around improving adult literacy, language and numeracy skills. This is in partnership with the Tertiary Education Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.

Between February and October 2009, NZCER carried out a research project for the Department on the engagement of youth in literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) skills development. The objective of the project was “to enhance the knowledge base on the engagement, recruitment, retention and support of youth in literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) skills development”.

The project covers four distinct and overlapping approaches: a literature review; the development of exemplars; key informant interviews; and six programme reviews (case studies).

To access the report visit the Department of Labour website here: Engaging young adults in literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) skill development


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Research report
Department of Labour
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Jenny Whatman
Juliet Twist
Karen Vaughan
Keren Brooking
Sally Robertson
Sandie Schagen