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Finding our way: Cultural competence and Pākehā evaluators

Rae Torrie, Mark Dalgety, Robin Peace, Mathea Roorda, and Robyn Bailey

Practitioner competence is a critical ingredient in the development of a robust, valid and equitable evaluation. In Aotearoa New Zealand the evaluator competencies identify cultural competence as a core capability. There are some particular challenges that Pākehā (New Zealand European) evaluators face in developing this competency. In grappling with these complex challenges, and in the absence of a pragmatic and systematic way of responding, the writers discuss the use of a heuristic they have developed that may aid enquiry and support evaluators to work in a culturally responsive manner. Three case examples are presented for applying the heuristic in practice. The benefits of, and insights from, using the heuristic are discussed.

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