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Computer Aid for Dyslexics

Jean Hutchins

Computer programs are not a magic remedy for dyslexia. But they can be a very worthwhile teaching aid when you need many ways of reinforcing each teaching point. In this way the computer can add a new dimension to dyslexia teaching, not by replacing carefully structured tuition, but by complementing the basic lesson. For instance, the microcomputer is unbelievably motivating. Pupils work hard in order to have time for the computer, and are often reluctant to go when time is up. And the micro channels this motivation well.
Pupils need to read accurately in order to respond  correctly. On suitable programs they get a quick response to each entry, with praise if correct, or immediate practice of errors. Pupils work hard at the tasks to get success. In fact, it may be the first time they have enjoyment in a language task, and this boosts their self confidence.

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