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Towards ethical curriculum development: Perspectives from the interface of mātauranga Māori and Western science

Sriparna Saha, Sylvia Tapuke, Ben Kennedy, Kelvin Tapuke, Shelley Hersey, Fiona Wright, Sara Tolbert, Angus Macfarlane, Graham Leonard, Rita Tupe, Pouroto Ngaropo, Kiharoa Milroy, Bubs Smith

In 2019, the Earthquake Commission (EQC) New Zealand with a stake to raise awareness of natural disasters and their impacts, commissioned the LEARNZ  Our Supervolcanoes virtual field trip (VFT) to teach about volcanoes around Lake Taupō in Aotearoa New Zealand. The involvement of kaupapa Māori researchers in the project facilitated an authentic opportunity to develop bicultural educational resources. We share insights from this collaboration that can inform the engagement process with local iwi. The key findings from this study can support teachers, researchers, and scientists willing to collaborate in culturally appropriate ways when engaging with local iwi leaders for the development of bicultural educational resources through an authentic partnership approach. These findings can serve as good practices when engaging with the local iwi for development of bicultural educational resources.

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