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Registration Levels

Different tests require varying amounts of training and experience. There are three Scopes of Practice that test users can register under: Education Psychology, Organisational Psychology or Clinical and Health Psychology. Within each Scope of Practice there are three registration levels: A, B and C.


Level A

Applicants must provide supporting documentation demonstrating adequate knowledge of test administration and scoring, as well as adequate knowledge in their field of practice.

Test users registered at Level A must have completed an introductory course in test administration and interpretation and will be expected to have the following competencies:

  • Knowledge and experience of the field in which they are purchasing tests
  • The ability to administer, score and interpret a test with the use of a manual

Types of tests Level A test users will be able to access include:

  • Card sorts
  • Standardised tests of achievement
  • Standardised group tests of scholastic aptitude which report a single score
  • Diagnostic tests of achievement.


Level B

Test users at this level must provide supporting documentation demonstrating a basic understanding of psychometric theory, as well as specialised knowledge in their area of practice. Test users registered at Level B much have completed a basic course in test administration and interpretation, such as a second or third year tertiary education paper,  and display the competencies required for registration at Level A. They must also have specialist training in the area of test application. Types of additional tests Level B test users will be able to access include:

  • Abilities tests
  • Behaviour checklists

Examples of qualifications required for each scope of practice include:

·         Careers Advisor

·         Speech Language Therapist

·         Occupational Therapist


Level C

Level C applicants must provide supporting documentation demonstrating competence to administer and interpret tests across a wide range of conditions within their area of practice. They must have successfully completed an advanced course in psychometric assessment as well as an advanced course in personality/abnormal theory. Test users at this level are expected to have a broad base of knowledge and skills in the use of tests, with successful completion of a practical assessment of test use.

Types of additional tests Level C test users will be able to access include:

  • Personality tests
  • Tests of General Ability


Professional Obligations of Test Users

NZCER supplies tests only to an appropriately qualified person on the understanding that:

  1. The supply of tests, by virtue of special qualifications or casework experience, does not imply that tests requiring other forms of special qualifications or experience will be available.
  2. The supply of tests by virtue of the assurance of a recognised psychologist that they will be properly used, does not imply continued supply of these or any other tests at this level. Each new order will be accompanied by a guarantee of supervision, and will be supplied only if the guarantee is accepted by NZCER.
  3. Psychologists giving authority and agreeing to supervise the use of tests by acceptable persons will assume responsibility for their use and participate actively in the relevant programme, either by carrying out the work, or by planning, supervising and checking it. Test users are asked to report the unauthorised use of tests and urged to protect the value of tests by keeping all components securely stored so they will not become available to unauthorised persons.
  4. Every precaution should be taken to ensure the confidentiality of tests and test scores. Approval to purchase may be withheld or withdrawn if there is any violation of these principles.
  5. NZCER’s interpretation of the Privacy Act 1993 is that candidates are entitled to know, if they so request, all scores relating to their personal test performances. Our strong recommendation is that the release of test scores should be accompanied by sufficient interpretive detail to enable the client to understand the scores provided.
  6. Registered Test Users are expected to purchase and use tests according to the following guidelines:

                a. The use of Psychometric Tests, prepared by the New Zealand Psychologists board -


                b. The Code of Ethics for Psychologists Working in Aotearoa/New Zealand, prepared by the

                    Code of Ethics Review Group -

                c. The Treaty of Waitangi, Tiriti o Waitangi -

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