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About the NZCER Library

The NZCER Library was established together with the organisation in 1934 to support our core activity of educational research. We hold a specialised and diverse collection of educational resources with strong coverage of New Zealand education policy, curriculum, assessment, educational research and teaching practice.  The Library also has a significant body of resources relating to early childhood education, educational evaluation, educational leadership, educational planning, educational management and reform, educational psychology, research methodology, special education, teacher education, ICT in education, key competencies, families, schools and their effectiveness, vocational and tertiary education, Māori language, and Māori and Pacific Island education.

The Library also holds every publication produced by NZCER, and this collection of resources dates back to NZCER's inception in 1934.


Who can access the NZCER Library?

Our first commitment is to NZCER staff,  however we will provide services to people working or researching in the education sector who are unable to access suitable library services. Please contact us for terms and conditions.

Our materials can also be borrowed using the Interlibrary Loan service available at your institutional or local public library.


Visiting the NZCER Library

Visiting the Library in person is by appointment only, Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Please contact us to make an appointment.