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About NZCER Press

NZCER Press is the publishing arm of the New Zealand Council for Educational Research. We publish educational research-based journals, books, assessment tools and classroom resources, written by external authors and in-house researchers. Our publications meet needs identified through our research work across the education sector.

We publish for early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary teachers, as well as publishing educational research aimed at the academic market. 

We are particularly strong in the areas of assessment, curriculum, research, leadership, teaching and learning, and literacy.

Publisher: David Ellis   DD: +64 4 8021445

Senior Editor: John Huria  DD: +64 4 8021438

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Requesting permission to reproduce published content

Please send permission requests details to  Include title, author, a description of the material you want to reproduce and where and how you wish to reproduce it.

For our author guidelines on sef-archiiving of journal articles see here.

Submission Guidelines and Author Style Guide

The NZCER Style Guide gives detailed information on the editorial style that should be used by authors (reference style, preferred spelling, punctuation etc.). In general, NZCER Press publications follow the latest American Psychological Association editorial style (APA 7).

NZCER Style Guide

Book/resource proposal guidelines

Submissions of articles must follow the guidelines given for each journal .

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