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Assessment Resource Banks for Teachers (ARBs)

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Assessment Resources for Classroom Teachers and Students (ARCTS) is NZCER's current contract to the New Zealand Ministry of Education to provide assessment support for New Zealand teachers through supporting information and research-based resources for formative assessment in the classroom.

Assessment Resource Banks (ARBs)

The Assessment Resources Banks (ARB) website,,  has over 2,800 formative assessment resources in mathematics, science, and English for use with New Zealand students working at levels 1-5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Over 1,400 of these assessment resources can be completed online and results viewed via the teacher's account. 

As rich formative assessment tasks, they give students the opportunity to express their ideas and understandings.

The ARBs also support teachers to make decisions about possible next learning steps, and further develop their own understanding through the teacher notes on each resource or the many assessment and curriculum articles:

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Working with OTJs and the Learning progression Frameworks

OTJs, Learning Progression Frameworks, and the ARBs | Assessment Resource Banks (


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