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Practise what you preach: Initial teacher education students learning about assessment

Mary F. Hill, Fiona Ell, Lexie Grudnoff, and Libby Limbrick

As teachers in initial teacher education (ITE), we need to understand the influence of our teacher education curriculum on ITE student learning. Participating in the “Learning to Become ‘Assessment Capable’ Teachers” project provided us with the opportunity to investigate the extent to which the assessment learning of one cohort of ITE students was aligned with the learning objectives of the assessment curriculum. Using the learning objectives of the assessment curriculum as a frame of reference, we analysed course booklets and conversations with teacher educators, as well as survey and interview results from ITE students in the cohort. Findings indicate that while ITE student learning in assessment was aligned with the learning objectives of the assessment curriculum, there were areas where our aspirations had not been fully realised. These results support the need for assessment curriculum planning within teacher education programmes to be clearly stated, communicated, and woven into both the planned and the enacted curriculum.

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