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Assessment Matters 15: 2021


Author(s): Helen Dixon
Author(s): Catarina Andersson and Eva-Lena Erixon

In this case study, we follow the career of one student teacher (Ellen) from her pre-service training to her first year as a mathematics teacher. As part of a research project about what it means...

Author(s): Tianxin Li, Eleanor Hawe, and Gavin T. L. Brown

The Integrated Quality Assessment (IQA) in China is an officially mandated system that uses student self-assessment in addition to information provided by tests and examinations and other sources...

Author(s): Christopher Niles, Helen Dixon, and Eleanor Hawe

Cognisant of the benefits and shortcomings of peer review in the enhancement of student learning, the current study investigated how Year 12 students engaged in this activity. Specifically,...