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BRIEF 2 - Behaviour Rating Scale of Executive Function, Second Edition

The BRIEF2, developed by practicing paediatric neuropsychologists, continues to be an efficient, comprehensive and consistent assessment of impaired executive function in children and adolescents.  

New Features Include:

  • Updated Normative Data
  • New Screening Forms to help determine if a full executive function assessment is required.
  • Concise Scales making it easier for parents, teachers and adolescents to respond.
  • Parallel Structure with the parent, teacher and self-report forms all in one manual. Items are now more parallel across forms.
  • Increased Sensitivity to quickly identify executive function problems in key clinical groups including ADHD and autism spectrum disorder.

An improved empirical scale structure now includes separate Task-Monitor and Self-Monitor scales.  A new Infrequency Scale helps identify unusual responding and no new items were added to the clinical scales, which allows for consistency of data collection between the BRIEF and the BRIEF2.

Download the BRIEF-2 Fact Sheet for more information.

Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
5 - 18 years
Psychological Assessment Resources Inc
Informant, self-report (ages 11-18); Individual
10 minutes for full assessment, 5 minutes for screening form, 15 minutes to score

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80282SRK BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher/Self-Report Hand-Scored Kit $1,180.00
80282HK BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher Hand-Scored Kit $690.00
80282SK BRIEF2 Screening Hand-Scored Kit $550.00
80282M BRIEF2 Professional Manual $245.00
80282SRP BRIEF2 Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (Pk 25) $110.00
80282PP BRIEF2 Parent Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (Pk 25) $110.00
80282TP BRIEF2 Teacher Scoring Summary/Profile Forms (Pk 25) $110.00
80282P BRIEF2 Parent Forms (Pk 25) $220.00
80282T BRIEF2 Teacher Forms (Pk 25) $220.00
80282SR BRIEF2 Self-Report Forms (Pk 25) $220.00
80282SSR BRIEF2 Screening Self-Report Forms (Pk 25) $150.00
80282ST BRIEF2 Screening Teacher Forms (Pk 25) $150.00
80282SP BRIEF2 Screening Parent Forms (Pk 25) $150.00