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A number of NZCER staff contribute to our blogs and we link to and draw on external expertise. We hope it is a useful source of information, ideas and support about NZCER's work and wider educational and assessment issues. We welcome your questions and comments.

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Dr. Linda Bonne reflects on 30 years of the NZCER National Survey of schools, as the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce’s review report is soon to be released.

Date posted: 7 November 2019

At this time of year I’m remembering the questions we used to have in our school about the PATs - ‘Term 4 is coming up  - what week shall we do the PATs  in?’  ‘Have we got enough Test 3s for the Year 5s?’  ‘When’s the BOT report due - we need to have it sorted by then?’.  You know those conversations I’m sure.

Date posted: 5 November 2019

By Cathie Johnson

Focussed school-wide inquiry is a powerful way for school leaders to engage staff and make a difference for students’ learning outcomes.

Date posted: 11 January 2019

By Rachel Bolstad

What happens when four teachers in a senior primary syndicate launch confidently into a term-long inquiry process based around games?

Date posted: 12 December 2018

In case you missed it...

We've put out a call for contributions to a special issue of set: Research information for teachers on the theme of "Playing, gaming, and learning"

Are you keen to write for this special issue?

Extended abstracts of up to 800 words are due by Friday April 20, 2018.

Date posted: 6 April 2018

By Rachel Bolstad

Over the past two summers I've posted some recommendations for things to read, watch, listen to, or play if you're interested in games, gamification, and game design for learning.

Date posted: 16 March 2018

By Rachel Bolstad

Last summer I gave you some recommendations for things to read, watch, or listen to on the theme of “games for learning”. You can find last year’s list here.

Date posted: 18 December 2017