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Developing an identity as a teacher-assessor: Three student teacher case studies

Bronwen Cowie, Beverley Cooper, and Bill Ussher

Teacher assessment is now understood as central to curriculum reform and a key factor in responsive pedagogy. This article discusses one aspect of a 3-year investigation into the development of student teacher assessment capability. In the full study, data were collected through questionnaires and focus groups. This article reports on the assessment-learning trajectory of three student teachers at three points over the course of their 3-year primary teacher education programme. Student teacher commentary indicated a broad shift from viewing assessment as having summative to formative purposes and potentials, and towards a more critical orientation to assessment as a process. The article provides a nuanced insight into the development of student teachers’ understanding of assessment as an aspect of their professional identity as they negotiate the differing, and often conflicting, priorities between their personal, initial teacher education and school experiences.

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