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Author(s): Beth Wood

Children have some very good ideas on how they could be disciplined without the use of physical punishment.

Author(s): Derrick Armstrong, David Galloway, and Sally Tomlinson

Revelations about what can go wrong if the child's perspectives are not recognised during an assessment for special educational needs.

Author(s): Penny Moore

The information explosion is upon us. Do intermediate aged students really understand their library system and can they make it work for them?

Author(s): Nola Purdie

The differences between Australian and Japanese secondary students' conceptions of learning and their use of self-regulated learning strategies.

Author(s): Dr Martyn Wild

How young children react to reading with CD-ROM story-books, the latest multimedia reading resource.

Author(s): Jan Keenan and Jan Jones

Can a group interview be fair and effective? Successful and unsuccessful applicants to the Auckland College of Education express their opinions.

Author(s): Rowena Somogyváry

Given the opportunity, children show remarkable perception in defining and solving the world's problems.

Author(s): Vivienne Adair and Robyn Dixon

Who is encouraging them? Is it the media, their friends, their mothers or, in a surprise result from this study, their fathers?

Author(s): Vicki Mather and Alister Jones

Students and teachers bring preconceived ideas to a new curriculum area.

Author(s): Cedric Cullingford

Children have a very clear sense of what makes a good or bad teacher.

Author(s): Kathleen Warren

What do young children really think of superheroes? Should parents and teachers be concerned about their fascination?

Author(s): Joy Cullen

Can young children differentiate between dangers and safe play? Understanding the young child's view of the world has implications for road safety education.

Author(s): David Kirk

How bodies are constructed within the popular physical culture in Australia, with implications for health education and promotion via physical education in schools.

Author(s): Michael Long and Lyn Robinson

Do students of different sex, race, level of school achievement or from different socio-economic backgrounds have different perceptions of their last year of school? If they do, how much equity is...

Author(s): Lynn Newton and Douglas Newton

How young children view science and scientists will affect their career choice as adolescents.