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Author(s): Bev Webber

In this, the final of issue of set for 2007 we bring you a rich variety of articles that highlight both some key issues in education and the changing environment that we work in.

As this...

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Author(s): Sarah Boyd

A series in which we ask a leading researcher to distil three key ideas from their work over the years.

Author(s): Teresa Maguire

Years 4 and 5 students explore and articulate their understanding of number properties.  How can their ability to think algebraically be enhanced?

Author(s): Selena Hinchco and Judy Moreland

Assessment and tracking progress in technology education can be a challenge in intermediate schools. The authors show how a rubric may be a possible solution.

Author(s): Keren Brooking

It has long been known that families can have a significant effect on their children's achievement.  This is supported by a recent NZCER evaluation on the Home–School Partnership: Literacy...

Author(s): Helen Moore

This year the New Zealand School Journal has celebrated its 100th birthday. In this time it has
provided a rich mix of text and image created for New Zealand children by many talented...

Author(s): Cheryl Doig

The launch of The New Zealand Curriculum for English-medium Teaching and Learning in Years 1–13 (2007) provides the opportunity for us to reflect on the way in which we design and deliver learning...

Author(s): Jennifer Garvey Berger

Constructive developmental theory examines and describes the way people grow and change over the course of their lives.

The author looks at New Zealand schools and discusses:

Author(s): Andy Begg

As we know, a pessimist is someone who sees the glass of wine as half empty while the optimist is someone who sees it as half full. The pessimistic perspective with its emphasis on problems, often...

Author(s): Marie Cameron, Susan Lovett, and Jennifer Garvey Berger

Starting out in teaching is "scary" for most new teachers.  Here, the practices that beginning teachers found most supportive are highlighted.

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Author(s): Louisa Linterman, with Rob Browne

This article reports on the effectiveness of a small-scale study that focused on the on-site development and implementation of an observation and feedback cycle that enabled professional change in...

Author(s): Maree Jeurissen and Margaret Kitchen

The findings reported here suggest that while teacher research can be worthwhile professional development, if it is to be a realistic option robust support systems need to be put in place for...

Author(s): Charles Darr and Hilary Ferral

Measuring the main trends of an individual's progress is always difficult. However, the presence of measurement error makes it harder. Good tests indicate the measurement error associated with...