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Author(s): Bev Webber

This has been an excellent year for set: Research Information for Teachers. We have received positive feedback from our readers; researchers have provided us, often unsolicited, worthwhile and...

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Author(s): Sarah Boyd

A series in which we ask a leading researcher to distil three key ideas from their work over the years.

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Author(s): Sally Boyd

Contemporary understandings about health education underpin one school's response to student and community need by ensuring consistency across the school system and using external providers to...

Author(s): Chris Brough

Student-centred curriculum positions students firmly at the centre of their learning. The democratic teaching pedagogy underpinning this approach involves co-constructed learning with students and...

Author(s): Marc Paterson, Dianne Wilson, and Anne Lawrence

Awatapu College's new Te Pikinga programme supports senior Māori students to realise their potential for tertiary studies. It aims to broaden students' options, encourage their engagement with...

Author(s): Alex Neill

Memorising a large repertoire of basic facts takes a significant cognitive load off the brain, allowing greater focus on the mathematics being explored. Neill outlines the benefits of having...

Author(s): Deidre Vercauteren

Feedback is a key component of assessment for learning. This study explored whether a sample of students in Years 3–6 understood their teachers' feedback. The results showed some mismatch between...

Author(s): Jan Byres

Interviews with primary teachers revealed questions of control of operational curricula. Schools hold significant power over curricula through their organisation, planning, and assessment...

Author(s): Rosemary Hipkins

This article explores how the key competency thinking links with 21st century views of teaching and learning.

Author(s): Judy Moreland, Bronwen Cowie, Alister Jones, and Kathrin Otrel-Cass

This article focuses on planning as a strategy for enhancing teacher pedagogical content knowledge.

Author(s): Bronwen Cowie, Judy Moreland, Kathrin Otrel-Cass, and Alister Jones

Here, the focus is on ways to build continuity, coherence, and connections in learning over time.

Author(s): Bronwen Cowie, Judy Moreland, Kathrin Otrel-Cass, and Alister Jones

This article illustrates the potential of using multiple means to help express and develop ideas.

Author(s): Charles Darr

These days we are keen to make the most of our test data, particularly when it comes to informing next steps for teaching and learning. Sometimes we may examine how students have responded to...