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PTS Assessments

The Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT) is a rapid, reliable and valid assessment, which is designed to assess crystallized, fluid and quantitative intelligence. It can be used with individuals or groups and has been standardised for ages 10 to 75 years. The RAIT is made up of seven... more
Since its original publication, the CARS has become one of the most widely used and empirically validated autism assessments. It has proven especially effective in discriminating between children with autism and those with severe cognitive deficits, and in distinguishing mild-to-moderate from... more
The HPNT is a confrontation naming test designed to evaluate rapid-naming ability across age groups. It consists of 100 line drawings of noun objects familiar to both children and adults. For most subjects who are beyond age eight years, the HPNT is a test of accuracy and speed of lexical access.... more
We supply and provide advice on a wide range of psychometric tests for use in education, clinical psychology and human resources. Tests are available for purchase from a number of well respected international test publishers. In addition to our range the Test Services can source other tests for... more
The WSA is a career exploration tool, which assesses personality traits that are related to effective job performance. It is a straightforward and effective tool designed to help counsellors, hiring managers and job applicants understand the strengths and weaknesses that may affect an individual’s... more
*** We do not keep these kits in stock. Expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks. *** Building on the strong theory and research underpinning the original OWLS, the second edition of this highly regarded test offers an integrated, global approach to language assessment. The OWLS-II adds a Reading... more
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Designed to evaluate the magnitude of stress in the parent–child system, the fourth edition of the popular PSI is a 120-item inventory that focuses on three major domains of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics, and situational/demographic life stress. The PSI-4 is commonly used... more
The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) - Australian Edition, enables teachers to assess the reading and comprehension skills of children aged 5 to 18 years.  It is ideal for following up at an individual level after group testing and provides a wide range of invaluable... more